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Personal Consultation

Take Your Career to the Next Level! As an intuitive & psychic consultant and coach, Victoria will focus on you and your business concerns and provides accurate, detailed and practical information. In addition, she will often confirm your own intuition, making you more confident with your decisions. Grief Counseling 

A business consultation can provide fresh insights to old problems

Business Consultation

Break through the status quo! Business & Personal Psychic Consultant. As an intuitive/psychic consultant and coach, Victoria focuses on you and your business concerns and provides accurate, detailed and practical information. In addition, she will often confirm your own intuition, making you more confident with your decisions.

Victoria lynn Weston Intuitive Business Coach

Intuitive Business Coach

Unleash new ideas! We’re all intuitive, but often it’s good to seek outside guidance from a professional intuitive consultant and coach. Your success is Victoria’s primary focus. She will work with you to show you new opportunities, fresh ideas to expand your business or increase profits. If you’re looking to change your career or seeking a new job, Victoria can show the way.


Test Your ESP

Test Your ESP

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RUNES Casting

Victoria is to me an “inspired” psychic, she not only senses what’s going on with someone and depicts details about their future, but recognizes the key elements in each person that can help them create a more fulfilling life.
David R. Railey
Victoria lynn Weston exemplifies the ability to balance the intuitive right-brain with the logical left side of the brain. Victoria has been recognized as a leader and an inspiration within the intuition community. I highly recommend her work”.
Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD
You can get alot out of one session with Victoria, but I’ve been consulting with her for more than 3 years. She provided inspiring, positive and detailed insights about my newly launched business. In less than three years, my company has reached multi-millions in gross revenue. I find Victoria’s insights and her accuracy invaluable.
Richard P.
I felt so alone after the loss of my husband. With no one that I felt comfortable in confiding with, I reached out to Victoria. She opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and living. My life is back on track and I’m doing the things I am most passionate about.
In 2008, I lost my job. The economy tanked. I consulted with Victoria who got me out of a very depressed mindset and gave me specific information about my future. Nearly everything happened. I am no longer an employee, but opened my own business.
Victoria is spot on!
Tanya J.

Major Media Outlets have interviewed Victoria

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Unleash Your Intuitive Genius

Psychic Wit & Wisdom

intuiton-quoteIt’s no surprise to know that for years,  corporate executives of such companies as Microsoft, Arby’s, Turner/CNN have used intuitive development exercises that have been labeled “brain aerobics”  to harness creative, intuitive and inspired leadership skills.

At the Newark College of Engineering, two professors compiled impressive statistics on the relationship of ESP and executive ability. They studied managers who seemed able to make the right decisions intuitively, even when those decisions flew in the face of established principles and current data. They spent ten years testing the precognitive abilities of 5,000 such executives.

In one study, the professors interviewed company presidents who had doubled their firm’s profits over five years.  These individuals scored significantly higher on standardized tests for precognition.  In fact, scores on these tests tended to be a better predictor of executive success rather than the standard personality tests that companies use.  Approximately 80 percent of these executives believed in the legitimacy of ESP, not because of anything they had read or seen. They believed in ESP because it worked in their own lives.

“Intuition can provide an answer when there are few facts, limited time, no precedent and several alternatives.” [READ MORE]


Victoria lynn Weston: Intuitive Psychic Consultant

banner-vwv-webLearn more about Victoria, her work and how she can help you find your passion… reach your goals and succeed. She is a documentary producer, speaker, writer, entrepreneur… her consulting can help you see your full potential in your career, help you reach your goals in business by providing fresh insights and accurate predictions.



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