My book, “Selecting Your Psychic, from Mainstreet to Wallstreet”-  (the book is out of print), but I wanted to include one of the psychic accounts from Beverly Jaegers, whom I personally knew. It’s quite an exciting psychic story and classic how a psychic uses psychometry, clairvoyance and precognition.

The largest fee ever paid to a psychic was backed by one business man and his intuition.  The year was 1976 and the psychic was named Beverly Jaegers. The story made “Barron’s,” although, it was more than headlines.  Jaegers was nominate for the “Guinness Book of World Records” for her involvement.  Jaegers made Pete Dixon “millions of dollars.

“It all started December 30, 1974, when Pete Dixon, a commodities broker, came to see me. The first thing he handed me was a sealed envelope. ‘Please tell me what you see.’  I had no idea what the envelope contained, but I ran my fingers over it carefully.  Suddenly, I  started to see things, there was a tree covered with reddish-colored berries.  I didn’t know what they were, but natives were picking them – dark people wearing big hats. Oh, yes it was raining, not just a drizzle, but hard.  They had large baskets, which seemed to me should have been full but there was only a sprinkling of berries on the bottom, and some of those were shriveled and wizened.  Does this mean anything to you?”

Jaegers confirmed Dixon’s own hunches that the price of coffee would go up.  Based on her insight, Dixon invested every dime he had – $24,000 – in coffee futures.

The rest is history.  An unexpected frost affected coffee plants in Brazil, political unrest generated turmoil in Angola, and Cuban agents were in disagreement.  Concurrently, the price of coffee skyrocketed, and Pete Dixon become a millionaire.