Awesome Alexa Skills!

Victoria lynn Weston has been passionate about utilizing innovative technology for years.  She launched the first online film festival, Zoie Films Festival and streamed short films on cellphones.  Today, technology is all about “hands-free, voice-activated, data-driven” content presented on Amazon Alexa Devices or smart devices.

In December 2020, Victoria with her team,  produced and developed a visually engaging, interactive Alexa Skill for participants to test and develop their ESP, clairvoyance and precognitive skills; Zener Card Psychic Test.  This is her 11th custom Alexa Skill and the first to be presented in Spanish (US) and Spanish (MX).  Enable for free on

Positive Living Alexa Skill

Get daily inspirational and motivational tips from AYRIAL’s vetted lifestyle consultants.  Ask questions about ESP, feng shui, etc. and voice search a vetted lifestyle consultant by name, location, area of expertise!

Are You Psychic?

Test your psychic abilities using our newly designed Zener Card Psychic Test.  Dr. Clair Voyant will be your coach!

America's Victoria, the 1st woman who ran for US President!

America’s Victoria

Learn about Victoria Woodhull, the 1st woman who ran for US President in 1872!  Pssst.  She was also a clairvoyant and provided psychic tips to Cornelius Vanderbilt!

Say, “Alexa, open Feng Shui!” from your Amazon Echo Device or the Alexa App!  Certified Feng Shui practitioner, Viviana Estrada provides daily tips about; attracting prosperity, good health, romance and much more!