Brain Aerobics to Unleash Your Intuitive Genius

Day 8 of Psychic Wit & Wisdom by Victoria lynn Weston

Think of a number, a single digit!  If you thought of the nice even number  8, you got it!  That’s considered “a hit.”

Relaxation techniques and mental exercises can help “stretch” the mental faculties and the intuitive mind. Think of them as brain aerobics.

First, clear your mind of all the daily clutter and try not to think about anything. Imagine a blank chalkboards. Relax your body by breathing deeply.  With each inhalation, hold your breath three seconds and exhale slowly, releasing all tension and apprehension.

Visualize a tranquil, inspiring place you would like to be at this moment.  Consider, for example, a glen in the woods over-looking a waterfall, or perhaps a beach near the ocean where you are lying on fine white sand and listening to the natural rhythm of the waves.  This will help bring you to a quiet, meditative state.

INTUITIONSet aside time everyday to practice your relaxation skills, and try to remain patient with your ability to quiet your mind and body.  Meditation gets easier as your ability to recall that quiet state takes over.

The following are additional exercises which you will find stimulating and enjoyable.  It’s not necessary to go through a meditation process to work with them.  Experiment with the exercises, keep a journal and record your experiences.

  • Make quick decisions on simple matters. Limit yourself to 15 seconds or less to make a decision on, for example, ordering from a menu, deciding what to wear or selecting a movie.
  • Practice making predictions! Accept the first thought that enters your mind. As examples, predict who is calling when the phone rings; predict what the conversation will be about.  Predict what a business associate will wear to work the next day; predict the winners of sporting events, such as football or baseball.
  • After meeting someone new, describe their character, guess what profession they are in, their family background, marital status. Dare to guess what their middle name is.

Once you feel comfortable with your predictions, challenge yourself with more pressing questions:  Is it a good time to ask for a raise? What month would be the right time to put your house on the market? The first answer that comes to mind is likely the accurate one.

Remember, in many instances, some of the answers you receive may or many not appear logical or rational when weighed against the experience. Underlying circumstances can affect the total picture.

With practice, your intuitive abilities will become more natural natural, and you will be able to differentiate between wishful thinking and authentic intuitive impressions.

Source: Selecting Your Psychic, from Main Street to Wall Street

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