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Psychic Wit & Wisdom by Victoria lynn Weston

You don’t have to be a professional psychic to have an unexplainable hunch or feeling about a situation. We all have one now and then. For Victoria lynn Weston, hunches and feelings about situations are a way of life.

Weston is an intuitive psychic consultant who offers insights for companies and business professionals. As a motivational speaker, she teaches executives how to use their own power of intuition to implement successful marketing strategies, make wise investments and select the ideal employees.

Call it the business of intuition. Weston knows there are skeptics and detractors, but she also believes that – like a growing number of police departments that use psychics to help find missing persons – a higher volume of corporations are seeking guidance from intuitive psychics. The numbers don’t lie. Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike hire Weston, who consults with such clients.

“There are many reasons for seeking a business intuitive or psychic’s counsel,” she said. “Perhaps you’re launching a new company, or have developed a new marketing plan. In order to make a more informed decision, it would be beneficial to know the probabilities of the plan being implemented and its’ potential outcomes. On the other hand, you may be curious about a personal relationship, investments, or how your company will evolve.

“Sometimes, a client has specific issues to address (such as sluggish sales or a hiring decision) and sometimes they want to know what I see short term and long term,” Weston added. “They have visions and goals and want to see if I see the same thing. This either reinforces their own intuition on where the company is headed or identifies points to consider and areas in which they can improve.

“Simply put, an intuitive psychic consultant offers a company new insights and an out-of-the-box approach,” Weston said. “It provides a new perspective about an issue or a proposed idea.”

Throughout her life, Weston knew that she had intuitive abilities. Yet it was not until 1985 that she saw the potential for a thriving career where she could have a positive influence on people’s lives. She started offering psychic advice to business professionals and small companies. When she moved to Atlanta a year later, Weston embarked on a full-time endeavor as an intuitive psychic consultant. Her first clients were a small manufacturing plant and a banker who owned three branches.

The manufacturing plant in North Carolina was investing $8 million in real estate for a major expansion.

“When the stakes are high, executives have their own level of intuition. That is why they are in a position of leadership,” Weston said. “I pinpointed what I felt was the right property to buy and the price that the owner would consider.”

The banker’s branches were based in the Atlanta area. “I predicted he would expand in South Carolina and five years late he would sell to a larger company,” Weston said. “At the time, he said that sounded great but he couldn’t imagine ever expanding into South Carolina. He did, and the bank was eventually bought by Regions Bank.”

Another client asked Weston about the stock market, invested $50,000 based on her recommendations and in a year’s time earned enough money from the decision to buy a new Jaguar on one particular stock alone.

It wasn’t the first time a psychic has helped an investor succeed. Victoria Woodhull, a clairvoyant who became the first woman to run for President of the United States in 1872, was also the first female stock broker on Wall Street and provided investment counsel to millionaire benefactor Cornelius Vanderbilt among others.
Weston believes that “almost everyone” can learn to use intuition, which “basically means reading your own mind.” What separates psychics from most people, Weston says, is that they are ultra-sensitive to the thoughts of others.

“Most psychics use two or three skills simultaneously,” she said. “In my case, I am a clairvoyant, so I receive impressions visually, in my mind’s eye. I also focus on the future, so the messages I receive are pre-cognitive, which are predictions. I also make strong use of intuition to interpret these impressions and determine an answer.”
With the plethora of psychics with mystical names, it is challenging for the public to know who is a credible in the psychic profession. Weston encourages corporate executives and consumers alike to select someone with a track record of working with established companies who can provide references.

“The intuitive psychic consultant profession is becoming more mainstream, as my client list indicates. However, it is difficult to determine who is reputable, and who isn’t,” Weston said. “One suggestion is to choose a psychic who uses his or her real name. That is one indication that the person is credible, and respects the client and the profession.”

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In addition to being a recognized intuitive and psychic consultant , Victoria lynn Weston has produced a series of film/video documentaries whose works include “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” featuring Gloria Steinem and Kate Capshaw. And,”The Intuitive Factor; Genius or Chance” featuring Gary Zukav and parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove. These programs were featured on PBS Television, The Wisdom Channel and Canadian Broadcasts. As a producer, she launched the first online film festival showcasing award winning independent films, documentaries, animations from around the world in an annual Zoie Films Festival

[]. In addition to utilizing the world-wide internet for Zoie Films Festival, she launched Zoie Cellular Cinema Festival where telco subscribers including Sprint could download film shorts for the “cell screen” in the US and Pacific Rim area. Victoria has been a radio host of “Power Predictions” in Atlanta, Georgia and a featured guest on dozens of radio, television shows and print media including; the Atlanta PARADE magazine, The Atlanta Business Journal, ABC Talk Radio; CNBC; BUSINESS WEEK Online; INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, WIRED NEWS and THE NEW YORK TIMES.  She is also the President and Founder of AYRIAL.

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