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Victoria lynn Weston, Business Intuitive Consultant - Business PsychiVictoria lynn Weston is a  sought after business psychic – business intuitive consultant who consults with business owners and executives.  Regardless of their titles, Victoria offers insights that help develop their company brands; expand business, higher the right employee for the job.  She brings to the table, an open and positive attitude with a keen sense of acumen that will help propel you and your business.

Consulting a business psychic or business intuitve consultant can provide a broad spectrum of  insights to help you overcome obstacles to achieve your business and professional goals.  “Psychic insight can be invaluable when used as adjunct to your fact and logic. When we are faced with certain decisions like a business investment or buying a new home, the more information we have access to, the better in the final decision making process,” says Weston who also encourages people to trust their own intuition.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and executives consult with Victoria lynn Weston for her extraordinary abilities. Whether you are looking to evaluate your marketing plan, buy real estate, make financial investments or expand your business, Victoria can help you refine your vision and make the right decision to achieve your goals. Many of her clients don’t make a decision without consulting with her first. All sessions are confidential and are available by telephone or in person.

All sessions are confidential. Sessions can be scheduled via telephone, Zoom, SKYPE or email.

Dozens of media outlets have interviewed her including;


“Victoria is a great resource. She has not only confirmed my intuition but has given me the insight and  confidence to move forward going after my dreams. “ Ann B., COO – Washington, D.C.

“In 33 years of study and 27 years of full time astrological practice I have never seen a chart so indicative of psychic capacity. Victoria is to me an “inspired” psychic, she not only senses what’s going on with someone and depicts details about their future, but recognizes the key elements in each person that can help them create a more fulfilling life. Yes, to me, Victoria is as psychic as it gets. An astrologer sees potential in a birth chart, but cannot tell from the chart alone, whether it is the chart of a saint or a criminal. A good psychic can tune in right away to whether or not someone has made good or bad choices in their life.” — David Railey, astrologer   

“Victoria Lynn Weston is an individual with rare talents. She is, perhaps, the only person ever to maintain a dual career as a psychic practitioner and as a film producer. As such she exemplifies the ability to balance the intuitive right-brain with the logical left side of the brain. Victoria has been recognized as a leader and an inspiration within the intuition community. I highly recommend her work”. — Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD


When the Outlook Is Hazy

Mary was running out of time. She needed to make a decision quickly: Should she re-sign the lease for the Tampa headquarters of her IT training firm, MSMSherpas? Or should she purchase a new building? She struggled with the choice; she didn’t know what to do.

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