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Yes! There are several adverse ways you can dramatically affect a reading.   The use of drugs and alcohol is the most obvious.  Their abuse makes it more difficult for the psychic to tune in to you.  One Los Angeles psychic always asked his clients to refrain from alcohol 48 hours prior to a session.  If someone doesn’t follow his rules, he refuses to read them.  “I find it difficult reading someone who has had as little as a two or three drinks the previous night.  Minimal amounts of alcohol affect the physical and mental states.  Alcohol clouds the mind, and blurs impressions.”

Depression, anger or remorse can dominate a session, should the psychic pick up only your conscious vibrations. Anyone who radiates these powerful feelings makes it difficult for the psychic to penetrate beyond the conscious state.  Although psychics will eventually get beyond the present state of intense emotions, the information they impart may be limited.

Skepticism and negative feelings also create barriers, or even block the sensitive communication ties between you and the reader. Psychic Julie Wilson says, “When a client is extremely skeptical, it’s as though they are encased in cement.  They’re stiff, and they act as though they’re afraid to blink for fear they may be leading me in some way. A tremendous amount of time is wasted on the elementary cat and mouse games – trying to get through their wall.  Naturally, they still receive accurate information, but it is limited.”

Voicing skepticism when your psychic asks you a question with remarks such as, “If you’re psychic you should know,” or “I’ll never move to New York,” are counter-productive.  Such retorts can throw the psychic off balance and waste valuable time.

A skeptical client who believes a psychic may use manipulative means to extract information, could find himself overly sensitive to perfectly legitimate questions.  Questions such as “Have you been feeling gloomy or lonely over the past year?”  Or, “Is your business partner considering a trip to Hawaii?” create a foundation of understanding.  A psychic uses them to focus and to provide you with additional timely information.  Remember, it’s that time of information that a psychic uses to go beyond what you already know to be true.

Individuals who desperately want something to happen can literally “radiate” their desires and influence the outcome. If you exude a desire so strongly, you risk confusing the “air waves.”  Developed psychics do have the capability of going beyond current moods and circumstances, but they still have to filter through your present state of mind. So, be relaxed, remain neutral and keep an open mind.  Your session will be much more effective, both in terms of quantity and quality of information.

Source: Selecting Your Psychic

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