Consulting a Psychic – What Should You Hope to Achieve?

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Once you have made the decision to consult a psychic, ask yourself why?  Take a few minutes and truthfully examine your motives.  Your sincere intentions and receptivity allow for quality information to filter through.  Examine your needs and motives:

  • Are you a skeptic attempting to discredit the psychic?
  • Are you looking for a “fortune teller” who will make decisions for you?
  • Are you looking for information to “undermine” co-workers to advance your position?
  • Are you looking for lucky numbers to gain instant wealth?
  • Are your motives selfish?

Or, are the following questions appropriate to your desires?

  • Are you asking for guidance during a transition to your career or relationship?
  • Do you want to gain insight that involves business plans?
  • Do you want insight pertaining to past-life events that may be influencing your present life?
  • Are you looking for insight to better understand yourself, for personal growth?

Once you are comfortable with your reasons, the next step is to prioritize any questions you would like addressed.  Many times people expect a psychic to know far more about their personal and professional life than is possible to describe in one session.

To maximize the quality of your session, organize and structure your needs and questions, and at some point either before, during or at the end of the session, discuss your specific concerns with your psychic.  Remember to ask specific questions.  That’s the best way to generate specific answers.  By the same token, if you ask general questions you probably will receive general answers.

Not everyone needs a list of prepared questions prior to the session.  But, a list of questions assists when individuals are confronted with specific issues.  Should you consult a psychic for a general forecast, it’s still a good idea to ask about changes relating to your work, profession, investments or personal concerns.  Also, don’t be afraid to request elaboration on issues the psychic has presented.

The Quality of Your Reading

The overall quality of your reading is going to be a function of the clarity of the psychic, what your “Higher Self” or your “guides” want you to know, and your present state of mind.  The depth of the session also is dependent on how tuned into you the psychic is, and his or her ability to interpret psychic impressions.

Your “Higher Self” or “Higher Consciousness” refers to the most elevated, pure and sacred part of your being – your soul.  Guides are your “spiritual guides” or “guardian angels” that are with you for guidance.  Guides can communicate by planting the see of a thought in your mind.  Many people have experienced a sudden thought – a few words telling them to avoid something as simple as sugar in their diet or to call their doctor for a check-up.

We all make decisions and contemplate choices on a daily basis – from the mundane to more complex matters.  Should I sell my house this year?  What’s missing in preparing next year’s business plan?  Should I move my mother to a nursing home?

Questions like these may prompt us to call a psychic.  Naturally, some situations require us to make a choice that must be ours alone.  Although psychic have access to unlimited information, they do not always have an answer.  Respect their honesty and avoid putting pressure on your reader for answer that may simply not be there.  In one case, a client wanted to know whether his spouse was cheating on him.  The psychic didn’t sense anything.   The client kept persisting and pressed the psychic for insight.  Finally, the psychic feeling pressured to produce, blurted out an answer.  The response later proved to be inaccurate.  Only heartache was gained.

Reputable psychics will not make decisions for you.  We are responsible for our own lives and the decisions we make.  View psychics as people who can enhance and guide you to the mountain, but don’t expect them to carry you there.

On occasion, psychics may choose to withhold information they receive during a session.  Their better judgment tells them the information is simply not in the client’s best interest, and is not meant to be revealed to them at that time.  Your Higher Self or your guides may want the situation to unfold for you naturally, without prior knowledge.  Perhaps you are not emotionally ready for the information or a session needs to be learned.

For example, a psychic sees a man whose wife is contemplating a divorce.  The psychic may withhold the wife’s intentions because the information could distract from lessons the husband needs to learn.  The husband also may be emotionally unprepared to accept the news during that session.  A psychic also many not tell two people, who seem very much in love, that they will not marry.  If the couple new in advance their relationship would sever, they might not complete their purpose of being together in the first place.  Although it may be difficult at the time to understand these lessons, they are needed for personal growth.

What you hear during a psychic session can be very exciting.  It can be exactly what you wanted or needed to know.  The information may have confirmed a situation about which you had doubts.  On the other hand, you could receive a negative answer, when you had hoped there would be an affirmative one.

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Suppose you recently discussed a promotion to upper management with your operations manager.  When you approached your psychic with this opportunity, he or she felt you would not get the promotion immediately.  You may feel frustrated, angry and disenchanted by this response because you had high hopes for a promotion.  You might walk away from the session mumbling, “My psychic doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”  Let’s assume the psychic is accurate.  You are now prepared for a possible letdown, and you have reason to concentrate on other avenues.  Ask your psychic for other steps that might lead to a promotion or to another position.

Again, to receive maximum benefit from your session, bring a list of specific questions, but remain open-minded about unexpected feedback.  Request elaboration on issues which have not transpired.  You can easily receive information that appears to be, at the time, rather general, but later unfolds with significant purpose.  The psychic may ask, “Who’s Bob?”  Or relay general statements, such as, “You will be painting your house this spring, and you will be attending your employer’s wedding.”  Ask your psychic what influence Bob will have in your life.  Your psychic may uncover that Bob turns out to be Robert, a new boss through your promotion.  Your promotion will take you to another state, and the house you buy will need painting.  Your new boss, who is Robert, will invite you to his wedding.  Don’t hesitate to ask direct questions.  Press for more information.  If you don’t, and predictions later start to unfold as accurate, you may find yourself wishing you had asked the psychic to elaborate on what you may have felt was meaningless at the time.

Suppose a psychic tells you that your company will merge with a California firm in April, and you can expect a promotion as a result.  Your immediate reaction may be, “Impossible!”  You neglect to ask for details.  Five months later, your company announces an impending merger.  Now, this leaves you wishing you had obtained specifics about this event.

Keep in mind that some of the information received during a psychic session may not make logical or rational sense at the time… Why?  Most people don’t know what they are going to have for lunch tomorrow, let alone maintain a blueprint of their life.  So remember, when you are given information that you don’t completely understand, instead of reacting with, “Oh, that’s interesting,” or “That will never happen,” ask for clarification and specifics.

When your session is completed, you may feel over-whelmed with the information you’ve been given.  Go home and review your notes or audio recording, perhaps make additional notes and, most importantly, allow your reading to unfold naturally.

Source:  Selecting Your Psychic; What is a psychic?

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