Psychic Wit & Wisdom

  • Ask friends and business associates for a recommendation of psychic they have consulted. But, keep in mind you may not have the same results.
  • Ask for references. Don’t be afraid to ask how long the psychic has been practicing, what their specialties, or how accurate they are.
  • Be wary of psychics who claim to remove “dark shadows or jealous co-workers” by lighting candles. You could very easily be bilked out of hundreds of dollars.  Light your own candles. You’ll get the same results, and save money at the same time.
  • Be cautious of psychic fairs. They are great fun and can be very entertaining.  But, for the most part, the attending psychics are novices in the field and still developing their psychic strengths.
  • Always inquire about fees. A psychic reading can vary from $100 to $750 per session.  The average fee is about $150 per session.  At the conclusion of the session, you should feel comfortable with the information that you received.
  • Be careful of psychics who stroke your ego with “luxurious past lives.” Watch out for, “You’ll inherit a million dollars and live on an exotic island.”  You probably won’t.
  • If you are seeking confirmation to your own intuitive feelings about an issue, consider consulting with more than one psychic. Press for details to your issues.  And, don’t be afraid to explore other disciplines such as astrology and numerology.

Source: Selecting Your Psychic

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