Intuitive Grief Counseling

Whether you’ve lost your spouse, your best friend or your pet from a death; where do you go from here?

What is grief?

Grief is a reaction to a loss.   Our immediate reaction to a loss is grief.  To experience the death of a loved one,  a divorce, losing a pet or even a job  – anything meaningful in our lives that we are attached to and lose can cause grief. Grief becomes a natural way to respond to that loss.

As you begin the process of adjusting to your loss;  where do you go from here?

Traditional grief counseling has its benefits, but intuitive grief counseling offers insights that go beyond a traditional therapists’ Freudian model by providing practical guidance along with predictive intuitive insights about how you will pick up your life personally and professionally.

As an intuitive consultant and clairvoyant, Victoria lynn Weston can offer insights that shed light on your new life’s direction.  Or, maybe you want to confide your feelings to someone other than your best friend, Victoria can help you through the grieving process.  Not just what you are feeling, but connecting to what your loved is feeling. “It is not uncommon for the death of a loved one to express their grief through their living loved one,” says Victoria lynn Weston “Expressing their unresolved issues.”

Whether you’ve lost your spouse or a special loved one, Victoria can provide intuitive insights about your new journey, whether you’ll continue  your career, launch a business or go back to school.  The “death” of someone is a “new beginning” for you.

“I use my intuitive gifts to help individuals heal their emotional pain of loss and help them find their new purpose and passion in life – to help individuals live a rich and fulfilled life after the loss of a loved one.  My clients’ leave sessions with renewed lease on life.” – Victoria lynn Weston

Consultations by appointment and available by Skype, Telephone or in person.  

To schedule an appointment or for more information: contact by email or telephone: 800.799.1162

What will you hope to benefit?

  • To help heal emotional pain from loss
  • Gain insights on new opportunities professionally and personally
  • How to best resolve unresolved issues
  • Feel renewed and gain a fresh perspective of life
  • Understand the dreams of your loved
  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness 
  • Letting go to move on
  • To find your soul’s purpose
  • Stronger spiritual connection


“Victoria, the time we spent together was most helpful – in several ways.  I was able to verbalized my grief and guilt.  I now own my grief and have felt some relief in the last several days.   And I have started writing my book.” –  Peggy M.