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  • Get a fresh insights with personal consulting and business coaching from an experienced intuitive consultant, Victoria.
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Now is the perfect time to gain fresh perspective about your career or business.

Victoria lynn Weston is a recognized intuitive/psychic consultant and intuitive business coach who provides insights for individuals, business owners and executives.  As a motivational speaker, she has spoken to executives from Henry Ford Health Systems, RTM (Arby’s Franchise) where she teaches executives how to tap into their own power of intuition to make successful marketing strategies, investments or hiring the right employee.  Victoria has been a radio host of “Power Predictions” in Atlanta, Georgia and a featured guest on dozens of radio, television shows and print media including; the Atlanta PARADE magazine, The Atlanta Business Journal, ABC Talk Radio; CNBC; BUSINESS WEEK Online; INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, WIRED NEWS and THE NEW YORK TIMES. She has worked as a professional psychic/intuitive consultant also known as “the corporate psychic” for 15 years.  Victoria is also the President and Founder of

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