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the Spark

$79500One Time Fee
  • AYRIAL Associate Membership
  • One Press Release
  • 1-Private Consultation
  • Social Media Lite
  • Featured Guest on AYRIAL TalkTime

AYRIAL Premium

  • AYRIAL Elite Membership
  • Two-Press Releases
  • 2-Private Consultations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Featured in “Positive Living” Alexa Skill
  • Featured Guest on AYRIAL TalkTime

Modern Muse

  • Custom Alexa Skill for Your Business!
  • AYRIAL Elite Membership
  • Two-Press Releases
  • 3-Private Consultations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Featured on “Positive Living” Alexa Skill
  • Featured Guest on AYRIAL TalkTime

the Spark

If you’re looking for that spark to get your lifestyle consulting business launched, this is an excellent introductory level.  As a professional lifestyle consultant, you and your services will be featured on AYRIAL.com, a member-based association of vetted lifestyle consultants.  We will design a custom profile page to showcase your bio, business summary, contact information and two areas of your consulting services. This is having a mini-website and excellent way to cross promote your consulting business.

In addition, we’ll introduce you and your lifestyle consulting business via our AYRIAL SEO coded press release. This will be published online and distributed through social media platforms.

Your custom Social Media promotion will include graphics, tweets and your website links on our partner social media outlets for  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. And, our team will design up to 6 custom social media graphics to solely promote you and your services to be shared.  In addition, you’ll be promoted as member of AYRIALcom.

You’ll receive a one-on-one private session with Victoria lynn Weston, Business Intuitive Consultant. She will provide you with fresh insight about your lifestyle consulting business along with the best approach to promote your services. As a predictive intuitive consultant, she’ll provide timelines for opportunities as well.

The $795 is a one time fee for one year. After that, it’s $29,00 per month to maintain your membership.

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AYRIAL Premium

The Premium package is excellent for you to gain online visibility to expand your brand, but to also be featured on today’s innovative VOICE platform: Amazon Alexa via the AYRIA “Positive Living” Alexa Skill.

You and your services will be featured on the AYRIAL.com member-based website that includes, your bio summary, services,, contact information along two areas of consulting focus.

In addition, we will design up to 10 custom social media graphics to share on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and also introduce you via an AYRIAL SEO encoded press release distributed online and social media platforms.

If you have ever wanted to participate on an innovative VOICE platform, this is your opportunity to engage and expand your audience on Amazon Alexa.  Here’s what’s included:

  • You can provide up to 10 audio recorded inspirational/motivational tips.  Users check “Positive Living” Alexa Skill daily for randomly rotated tips from AYRIAL’s respected lifestyle consultants.  At the end of each audio recorded tip, Alexa offers to send users a text message with weblink.  Users click on the weblink and it’s a custom webpage that features a summary of services and contact information from the lifestyle consultant.
  • You can also include information about your type of consulting.  For instance, a user may ask about “what is feng shui?”  Alexa then features information from a feng shui consultant.
  • Individuals can also VOICE search your specific type of consulting services by your name, city, state.  At the end of an Alexa presented answer to a users’ VOICE search, Alexa offers to send individuals a text with bio and contact information straight to their mobile device!
  • *Fact:  today there are over 66 million Amazon Echo devices in the homes of the U.S.!  There are millions of users everyday that access Amazon Alexa for a variety of reasons, including hearing inspirational, motivational tips!

Review the “Positive Living” summary page to see what is offered to individuals.

With all the fuss and buzz from implementing your wonderful consulting services, you’ll likely need a little intuitive insight to help you stay focused! You’ll receive two one-on-one private consultations with Victoria lynn Weston, Business Intuitive Consultant.

The initial fee is a one time fee for the first year.  After that, it’s $50 per month to maintain your membership.

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Modern Muse

You’ll receive the same AYRIAL.com featured presence as outlined in the AYRIAL Premium including 2-press releases, 12 custom social media graphics and promotions. And, 3-private one-on-one consultations with Victoria lynn Weston, Intuitive Business Consultant.

The most exciting part of the Modern Muse package is launching your own, custom Amazon Alexa skill!  The future of VOICE is here and while initially only large corporations could afford to invest in an Amazon Alexa skill, now you can!

As each custom Alexa Skill is unique, we will consult with you to see what products and services you’d like to have featured on Amazon Alexa. You may have a book that you want to include excerpts to cross promote or perhaps you would like to feature healthy recipes.  For inspiration, check out a few of the Amazon Alexa Skills that our partner, Studio Carlton has produced and developed. The nice thing about working with Studio Carlton is they will produce your Alexa skill, gather all the pertinent content, graphics and package for the developer.  You can opt to offer individuals premium contact for them to subscribe to generate a revenue stream.  Your Amazon Alexa Skill can include visuals, stream audio and video, offer Amazon related products and more.

  • AYRIAL “Positive Living” Alexa Skill offers premium content where individuals subscribe for a monthly fee.
  • Abbie’s Culinary Nutrition,  is a MS RD CDN is a Chef and Registered Dietitian, she offers daily audio recorded tips, features video recipes and more.
  • Angelic Attendants, author Julie Ryan utilizes her Alexa Skill by sharing book excerpts and presents answers to users questions.
  • America’s Victoria, based on the PBS featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull who was the first woman to run for US President in 1872. This is an excellent Alexa Skill that repurposes a film documentary.
  • Zener Card Test, this is a fun test for individuals to test their ESP using the old-fashioned Zener Card Test.  If you’ve ever thought of having an Amazon Alexa Skill to offer a game, quiz, multiple choice you can!
  • Bella Vado Avocado Oil, the owner of this California avocado company wanted an Amazon Alexa Skill to present the healthy benefits of avocado oil.  She also uses it to motivate individuals to buy their Bella Vado Avocado Oil straight through Amazon.com!

In addition to having your own Amazon Alexa Skill, you will also be featured on the AYRIAL “Positive Living” Alexa Skill which is a great way to cross promote your services and drive users to your own Alexa Skill!

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