“The future enters into us; in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” Marie Reiner Rilke


Free Will & the Future – a must read!

1) How do I benefit from consulting with you?
Whether you are concerned with a career move, personal relationships, or a business decision — more often than not, you need to make a decision quickly. Intuitive and psychic information provides immediate insights which are used as an adjunct to your fact and logic. When working with a client and focusing on their specific issue, I “tune into” your personal or business issue and provide you with fresh options and solutions that enable you to reach your goals quickly. In addition, I can provide fresh solutions to old problems. My intuitive and psychic insights cover your career, insights for employee motivation, refining a creative or a sales pitch.

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2) What types of people consult with you?
During the past 15+ years of consulting, I have consulted with corporate execs, entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, medical practioners and individuals from all walks of life. Such companies as HENRY FORD HEALTH SYSTEMS, RTM (Arby’s Corporate) and American SR Company have retained my services for consulting and speaking. As a speaker, I would teach individuals how to tap into and trust their intuition for business decisions. In addition, I provided my insights for marketing trends and general company growth.

3) How do you tap into YOUR intuition and psychic ability?
During a session, my attention and focus is on you. My intuition is instant and immediate knowledge. It tells me information you need to know. I can identify opportunities, see problems and provide solutions. I ask my clients for questions or issues they’d like me to address. I then “tune in” and receive information that speaks directly to the question or issue. My goal is to help you grow personally, professionally and help your business increase in profitability and efficiency.

4) What is the difference between intuition and psychic ability?
Intuition is “reading our own minds” as opposed to the minds of others. Psychic ability involves such skills as mental telepathy (thought transfer from one mind to another), clairvoyance (seeing through the mind’s eye), precognition (predicting an event without prior knowledge or knowing). Psychics utilize two or three skills simultaneously and they use their intuition to decipher these images and thoughts to present in a logical manner. We are all intuitive. It is our natural birthright. Depending on how sensitive and aware an individual is, the more “in-tune” they are going to be their “sixth sense.” In fact, parapsychologists define ESP (Extrasensory perception) the embrella term for intuition, clairvoyance, precogntion, mental telepathy. So, call it intuition or psychic; psychics and intuitives most likely employ both. In the end, I relay the best possibilities, probabilities and predictions to bring fresh information to you enhance your life and bring success.

5) What can I expect from a session?
Whether I receive an email or phone call, I respond immediately to your inquiry. Together we will arrange a convenient time for the session. If by phone, I will record the session for you. In order to maximize your time, I will ask you to prepare for the session by taking a few moments to ask yourself what you hope to achieve from the session. For a variety of reasons, I won’t see everything in your life so it’s a good idea to jot down specific questions for me to focus on. At the time of the session, I will relay spontaneous information initially and then address your specific questions. If the session is primarily about business, I will ask you to get specific about your business and the areas in which you would like me to focus on. All sessions are by the hour, however, I can customize a plan for you. Most business clients request a series of sessions that span a few months.

6) Can you be as accurate over the phone as in person?
Good question! Intuitives and psychics employ vehicles in which to focus such as psychometry (holding a personal item such as a piece of jewelry or an article of clothing). In the case of phone sessions, “the voice” becomes the vehicle in which I focus on. Am I Accurate? Yes. What’s important however, is the specifics of a session. What you don’t want is general comments, such as “I see you flying to Hawaii”. Rather, you want specifics; “You’ll be attending a conference in Hawaii. I see the month of June or July”. There are many variables to “accuracy” such as timing. Remember, the more activity one has going on in their life, the easier it is for a psychic to be more precise about timing. In the end, a session is truly about insights and information that can inspire as much as it’s about specifics to an employee’s strengths or loved one’s state of affairs. It’s a combination of both actually. Rather than boost about my accuracy, read; [What People Are Saying][Free Will & The Future]

7) Do you work with individuals or just business execs / owners?
For over fifteen years, I have worked with both individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners for personal, business and general consultations. I am frequently consulted by individuals to help them with their personal relationships and career direction. What I can provide is a fresh and inspiring perspective to help them create alternatives they might not have otherwise seen.

 8) What do you charge for your services?
Sessions are by appointment and last up to an hour. Personal consultations are $150.00. Business consultations are $250.00. Sessions can be by telephone [per your request, I can tape record the session for you] or by email. On occassion, I have been asked to meet at a client’s business office. Prior to the session, I ask that you prepare and take a few minutes to ask yourself what YOU hope to achieve from the session. And, to maximize your time, it’s a good idea to jot down specific questions and issues that you would like me to focus on. In addition, I will ask you questions to know what area of your life that you need me to focus — this saves time and I can quickly get you information that is most useful. It’s important to note, that every individual whether there is a personal or professional focus is unique, with different needs. There are times when a professional desires continuous, monthly sessions. Or, when an entrepuenuer is launching a new business requests consultations for a specific project. As with any consultations, you need to recognize your needs and find the right “intuitive/psychic” consultant.

9) I’d like to schedule a session. What next?
You can simply email your request or call: 800.799.1162. I will contact you within 24 hours. You can also pay online via secure server to confirm your reserved or future session:  Personal or Business consultations 

10) Brief Bio

Victoria lynn Weston is a consultant, author, speaker, teacher and documentary producer. She is the author of Selecting Your Psychic from Main Street to Wall Street . Victoria has produced such documentaries as America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull featuring Kate Capshaw and Gloria Steinem, The Intuitive Factor features Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., psychologist Dr. Marica Emery and Gary Zukav, and The Psychic Truth with Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D. and interviews with Alan Vaughn and Joseph McMoneagle. In addition, she is the founder of Zoie Films Festival and AkashicUniversity.com.