Book Excerpt from Selecting Your Psychic, From Mainstreet to Wallstreet by Victoria lynn Weston & Mark Woodhouse, Ph.D

Nothing is more frustrating than to have a psychic, whom you know and trust, give you a strong reading about an event in your future and, when it fails to occur in the predicted manner, invoke the action of your free will. What he or she saw was not necessarily destined to happen, rather it was a strong probability. Probabilities can always turn out otherwise. There is by no means universal agreement on this matter.

First, if a psychic correctly sees you pursuing a certain course of action which you carry out, does this in some sense rob you of your freedom? Second, if you don’t do what the reader sees you doing, how are we to explain the mistaken prediction? Most people in the psychic communities insist that each of us has freedom of choice. Yet, this is not exactly clear.

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