Do psychics have off days?

Day 37 of Psychic Wit & Wisdom

Since psychics are channels for conduits for information, then the information they provide is only going to be as good as the channel.  The channel, embodied in a human brain, human mind, and human body, is affected by a wide range of factors.  Psychics are human.  They are affected by stress, emotion, trauma, sickness, alcohol and drugs.  Any of these conditions would create an off day.  As in any profession, psychics are not inclined to perform when they are feeling under the weather.

To date, no psychic has reported losing his or her ability from exercising it too much.  Naturally, they will have days when they aren’t totally on, but they aren’t off either. Many psychics reach a point where they choose to retire from the profession – some for a short time, others indefinitely.

Anyone can reach burn-out working in stressful, highly charged situations. Psychics are no exception.

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Source:  Selecting Your Psychic; What is a psychic?

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