Do psychics “read” their own minds?

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First, let’s remember we are all intuitive.  Yes, psychics naturally experience “feelings” regarding their own issues.

Many people believe that psychics should be happily married to the perfect mate and be successful in business.  The psychic often hears: “If you are psychic, you should know the answer.” Or, “if you’re psychic you should know the winning lottery numbers.”  This is not true.  Psychics are intuitive, and they do experience visions of their own futures.  One psychic knew in advance her two marriages would fail.  Why did she marry then?  The answer is simple.  “People come in and out of our lives to serve a purpose.  We have lessons to learn and experiences to share.  Knowing this in advance made the divorce less devastating each time.”

Another psychic knew he would work two specific jobs in advertising. He also knew he would be terminated from these positions.  So, why did he take the positions? You never know if you are going to be wrong about a psychic event. Remember, psychics are human, and they face the same challenges in life as does everyone else.  Being psychic doesn’t exclude them from life’s challenges.

Most psychics find it difficult to “read” for themselves.  The inability to perform for themselves reflects their individual personality.  It is not necessarily a limitation upon psychic ability itself.

Psychics do consult with other psychics for insight, for the same reasons you consult psychics.  When we are emotionally involved with a particular problem or situation, or just need confirmation of decisions, it is sometimes difficult to detach oneself from the situation and receive an objective answer.

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Source:  Selecting Your Psychic

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