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It has been said that a large percentage of those who claim to be psychic healers, channelers, and psychic consultants are charlatans.  Unfortunately, there are “quacks” and “losers” in all professions.  There are ways to identify those who are unfit to practice in the psychic profession.

Be wary of a psychic who states, “The diamond ring you are wearing will bring you bad luck and is the root of all your troubles.”  Be wary of psychics who obviously go out of their way to make sure you come back.  Their final statement might be: “I can clear your path of dark shadows and jealous friends.”  Or, “I can bring you success in marriage and business by lighting candles.”  Before you know it, you’ve spent $2500.

Many intelligent people have had unfortunate experiences with such psychics. One woman from California shares her experience.  “I wanted so desperately for my son and husband to get along that I was willing to try anything.  They had not spoken to each other for two years.  Well, this so-called psychic claimed she could eliminate the bad spirits around them.  I had to follow her rules in through the entire process. She told me to sleep in a potato sack for seven days, and I was not allowed to bathe.  Meanwhile, she wanted to see me every week for one month.  The woman would light various candles.  I also paid her over $5000.  Needless to say, it didn’t work.  My son and husband still did not speak to each other.  Two months after this charade, my son was killed in an automobile accident.”

Be skeptical of a psychic who imparts mostly negative information.  Also, should the psychic be experiencing personal or health problems, it may subtly play itself into your reading. A psychic going through a particularly difficult divorce, for example, could inadvertently impart negative comments about your personal relationships, resulting in a negative reading.  Peggy relates her story: “One psychic I encountered talked for twenty minutes about his personal life and how his wife’s severe illness resulted in financial stress.  I believe my session was actually about his life at the time.  It was extremely negative and the information seemed more appropriate for him.”

Consider yourself fortunate if your method of finding a psychic is through an advertisement that reads, “Psychic with clairvoyant ability available for private sessions.  References available.”  Chances are you’ll find a reputable psychic who will provide you with an informative session in a professional environment.

On the other hand, watch out for blatant statements such as, “Can cure all ailments,” or “I can unite loved ones.”  Avoid any psychic who advertises, “Having problems at home or in the office?  Psychic can solve any problems you have.”  If you schedule an appointment with this type of psychic, you may find yourself stepping into a darkly lit room with beaded drapes and confronting a person who looks as if he or she gazed over their crystal ball too long!

Source: Selecting Your Psychic

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