Shamanism Day 9 of Psychic Wit and Wisdom by Victoria lynn Weston

Shamanism has been said to be the oldest prophetic artShamanism has been said to be the oldest prophetic art.  Shamen are poets, magicians, teachers, prophets and healers.  Their history extends back thousands of years, and they have been active in most cultures.  Today, they can be found at work in parts of Central Asia, Siberia and the Far East.  In the West, African or Caribbean “witch doctors” and American Indian “medicine men” qualify as shamen, with varying levels of power and experience.

Fully initiated shamen have mastered the knowledge and skills of their tribal culture.  They are capable of a self-induced, altered state of consciousness, often revealed in the form of dreams, visions, trances and out-of-body experiences.  They may use drugs such as peyote, perform special dances or rituals, fast or engage in forms of (what we would call) physical abuse.  While in a state of altered consciousness, it is believed that shamen can leave their bodies, speak with spirits, diagnose and heal illnesses, see objects at a distance, predict the future, and cause changes in nature by making rain and starting fires.

Shamen draw a sharp difference between themselves and ordinary people.  Psychics do not.  Psychics assert that the majority of people have potential psychic ability.  Shamen claim to have the ability to not only predict future events, but also to cause them to happen.  Psychics do not this additional claim.

Source: Selecting Your Psychic, from Main Street to Wall Street

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