The ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension.

Day 26 of Psychic Wit & Wisdom

Katie, spiritual mediumTo some people, the word psychic is virtually synonymous with a channeler.  Your friend may have said she had an appointment with a channeler, or they were presented with the channeled information.  In the broad sense of the term, all psychics are channelers since they are conduits for information that is received from beyond the range of the five senses.  Channels, however, are a distinct category.  For more than a hundred years, they were called mediums.

Regardless which term is used, their function is to allow their bodies to be temporarily available for another personality, thought to be a discarnate spirit, to receive “messages from the dead,”  to make predictions about the future, or give (as we hear more these days) advanced teachings of enlightened Masters from higher planes of existence.

A trance is an induced state of altered consciousness. There are varying levels of trance states – some are light in intensity, while other levels are extremely deep and intense.

The majority of psychics usually enter a mildly altered state of consciousness during sessions with their clients.  Most often, there are not any noticeable personality or physical changes.

Psychics who are channelers enter a deeper trance state and, at times, appear to be asleep and remember very little, if anything, that is said or done during a session.

So, who or what is in the channel? This question has baffled researchers for years. It has been suggested that the trance channel may have a multiple personality.  Therefore, the channeled being would then be an expression of a repressed personality.

Although multiple personalities develop from trouble backgrounds, such as severe child abuse, channelers do not share the same background.  Trance channels control the time and circumstances of the expressions from their “spirit guide.” People who have multiple personalities do not have this kind of control.

Channeled spirits generally have some access to information, and occasionally skills, such as foreign languages or other abilities that are usually not exhibited in their normal routine of life.  A variation of the multiple personality explanation is the medium is actually channeling his or her “Higher Self.”

The Higher Self is not just another personality.  It is the most evolved and wisest part of your multidimensional self.  It communicates to you through dreams, meditation, helps (when asked) to make decisions, keeps track of your different lifetimes and what you need to be doing in this lifetime.  This is accomplished from the perspective of a higher dimension or plane of existence, where it has access to information, especially about future events.  This is not part of our normal consciousness.

Occasionally, through hypnosis (psychotherapists sometimes refer to it as the “ISH” – the Inner Self Helper) and sometimes through trance channeling, the Higher Self breaks through the barriers of normal waking consciousness and speaks directly to someone.

However, this is not the entire explanation.  Many channeled entities have distinct personalities and also claim to be someone quite different from the medium.

Channel Kevin Reyerson appeared in the mini-series “Out on a Limb.” One of the entities Reyerson channels is John, who has been described as an Essene scholar from the time of Christ. “John” delivers his messages through Kevin in a deep Aramaic dialect.

Jane Roberts was a classic case of a trance channeler who helped raise people’s consciousness about such matters.  She channeled an entity who identified himself as Seth. Seth’s personality was wholly masculine. His voice was very strong and stern, and his physical mannerisms were the antithesis of Jane’s femininity.

Higher Selves generally announce themselves as just that, the Higher Self.  They choose to remain nameless, whereas discarnate spirits describe their specific identity.  Many trance channels can differentiate between the specific energies.  In some cases, they actually see the discarnate spirit “take over” and express itself.  The Higher Self does not function in this manner.

It’s also possible that mediums tap into our collective unconscious – a reservoir of patterns, experiences and archetypes from all humanity.  The fact that symbols and primal images play an important role in the information conveyed to the medium lends credence to this explanation, favored by people attracted to the thoughts of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

Now we’ll make a place for the discarnate spirit explanation of trance channeling.  In order to understand the full range of trance channeling, viable explanations should be supplemented with others.  If you desire a reading that leads you to a trance channel, we issue a precautionary note.  The quality of your reading will reflect the clarity of both the channel and the temporarily embodied spirit to whom you speak.  Even a highly informative message will usually carry the personality of the channel through whom it is expressed.

A final word or two about channeling: Some trance channelers are not devoted to delivering messages about personal matters.  There are channelers who conduct sessions for the primary purpose of transmitting higher teachings to the planet to benefit all mankind.  Some of the highly evolved beings transmitting this knowledge are Gabriel, Hilarion, Michael, Emmanuel, and more widely known Lazaris.  Even Christ is said to have transmitted refined versions of his original teachings in this manner.

In some cases, transmissions, as they are now called, are equal to or surpass the teachings of Earth’s greatest philosophers and religious leaders.  In their own right, they are worth reading even if you are doubtful about the original source. Their informative content has helped millions of people improve their lives for the better.

These higher teachings are called transmissions for more than just the simple reason that information is being conveyed.  In certain instances, these angelic beings, ascended masters, or even galactic beings, are so evolved, powerful, and large that they find inhabiting a body unnecessary and undesirable.  Therefore, they simply direct their transmission through the channels in such a way that it creates the impression of a temporarily embodied personality.

Lazaris’s transmissions must undergo multiple transductions to lowered frequencies in order to be accessible to human consciousness.  If Lazaris were literally and completely to occupy Jack Pursel’s body, it would either disintegrate or blow up.

Perhaps this is one way of reminding us that someday when information needs to be conveyed, it will be done so by direct telepathic contact.

Source:  Selecting Your Psychic; What is a psychic?

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