Psychic Wit & Wisdom

Before consulting a psychic, take a few moments to educate yourself on how a psychic works. Once you become familiarized with their individual styles and techniques, you will better understand and interpret the reading. Psychics use various formats and vehicles for focusing. They also offer different types of readings – practical, spiritual, past life, and business. While many psychics speak in symbols, others are more literal with the information they receive.

Psychics employ a variety of tools, such as palm reading, Tarot cards, psychometry, photographs and handwriting. Many question how a psychic can read a person over the telephone. Quite simply, the “voice” is the vehicle the psychic uses to focus.

A skeptic may ask, “Is there a difference between using cards, jewelry, tea leaves or even, facetiously, chicken livers?” The answer is no. None are more right or wrong than others. They are vehicles the psychic uses to focus, to enhance, stimulate and to access information. Vehicles, such as cards, tell their own stories, but it’s the psychic’s other skills, such as clairvoyance or precognition, that contribute to the core of the readings.

Do psychics read body language?

Your friend may have had a session with a psychic and reported, “I think this psychic was just reading my body language.”
Sure, psychics pick up on body language just as you and I do, but that’s not the whole picture. In addition, a psychic has “psychic abilities” which are substantially more in-depth than merely reading body positions. A psychic’s genuine abilities have nothing to do with reading body language.

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